is part of the big found-footage retrospective at the Austrian Filmmuseum:

Recycled Cinema Tue 15.6. | 19:00 & Fri 25.6. | 16.00

Shred, Scratch, Sync

blowfeld Rainer Gamsjäger. AT, 2004, DCP, color, 4 min
LOSSLESS #5 & #3 Rebecca Baron, Doug Goodwin. US, 2008, DCP, bw, 3 & 10 min
cityscapes Michaela Grill & Martin Siewert. AT, 2007, 35mm, bw, 16 min
Twelve Tales Told Johann Lurf. AT, 2014, DCP, color, 4 min
Freude Thomas Draschan. AT, 2009, 35mm, color and bw, 2 min
She Puppet Peggy Ahwesh. US, 2001, DCP, color, 15 min
A Movie by Jen Proctor Jennifer Proctor, US, 2010–12, DCP, color, 12 min
Technology Transformation: Wonder Woman Dara Birnbaum. US, 1978–79, DCP, color, 6 min
Kopierwerk Stefanie Weberhofer. AT, 2020, 35mm, color and bw, 7 min

The art of reclaiming and reworking found footage exploded into previously unimaginable dimensions with the invention of digital technology and its tools for image manipulation. „Shred, Scratch, Sync“ explores the consequences of this new vocabulary of special effects: channel combiner, curves, fill, exposure, linear wipe, noise, triton, set matte, venetian blinds, limiter effect, minimax, fractal noise, digital glitch, chromatic aberration, blur, de-noise, glow, sharpen, convert, plane to sphere, rotate, motion blur, bicubic sampling, transform, directional blur, drop shadow, fast box blur, gradient ramp, offset, find edges, mosaic, tint, invert, gaussian blur, 3D channel extract, depth matte, ID matte, EXtractoR, IDentifier, bilateral blur, reduce interlace flicker, compound blur, directional blur, smart blur, blend, compound arithmetic, remove color matting, shift channels, broadcast colors, change to color, color stabilizer, equalize, PS arbitrary map, vibrance, kernel, fit to comp width/height, scale, reduce noise, alpha, Bezier warp, bulge, corner pin, displacement map, liquefy, magnify, mesh warp, mirror, optics compensation, polar coordinates, reshape, ripple, smear, spherize, transform, turbulent displace, twirl, warp, bend, blobbylize, flo motion, griddler, ripple pulse, slant, smear, split, tiler, angle control, 4-color gradient, beam, cell pattern, checkboard, eyedropper, paint bucket, radio waves, ramp, scribble, stroke, vegas, write-on, glue-gun, light sweep, luma key, advanced spill suppressor, keylight, matte choker, roto brush, mocha shape, add grain, bevel alpha, color emboss, posterize, texturize, threshold, block load, burn, burn, burn… (Jurij Meden)