07.05. -12.06.2022 at VerksmiĂ°jan in Hyalteyri, Iceland


Film & videoinstallations

Curator: GĂşstav Geir Bollason

Opening – 7th may  – 2 PM /  Open daily except on Mondays   2pm- 5pm

13.05 at 8 pm in Hjalteyri (and 15.05 at 9 pm in Mengi RekjavĂ­k )

GLIMMER –  Concert

Sophie Trudeau & Michaela Grill, HafdĂ­s BjarnadĂłttir & Brynjar DaĂ°ason, GuĂ°mundur Ari Arnalds.

Collecting glimpses of light

Michaela Grill – Inside the Frame

 The true picture of the past flits by. The past can be seized only as an image which flashes up at the instant when it can be recognized and is never seen again.  On the Concept of History, Walter Benjamin.

Michaela finds her visual material in remote and hardly accessible places like the Antarctic and the arctic or while taking walks in nature. She also collects materials in Film archives, both from feature films and science and nature documentaries. In her film works the past reveals itself through flickering images, nature wriggles and can be seen as through the eyes of other creatures with different senses and perceptions, forest landscapes are mirrored in a lake and transform into ocean flora, polar landscape melts and freezes by turns, or is this perhaps cloud landscape? despair reaches its highest point and stays there, rusty whaling vessels become wounded whales, the images refuse to give in to the centrifugation of History.

When the constant stream of thought pauses the dialectic picture can arise. Michaela tears the images out of their frame of narrative and alternately speeds up and slows down their pace in order to free them from their cinematic flow, this is magnified with the intensity of the audiovisual interplay.

In this audiovisual exploration both the past and nature gets a chance to actualize itself. Sound, light, shadows, forms, color and motion collide, wrestle and play inside the frame. The images are not only given a new meaning, even more so they gain a new function. They tell us something new, not about us but first and foremost about themselves.

Text:  Kari Ă“sk GrĂ©tudĂłttir