I’m so honoured to be part of the overview effect exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade that „explores the complexity of the ecological problematics and the inseparable links between them and issues like corporate imperialism, indigenous sovereignty, gender, different kinds of extractivisms and the importance of decolonising not just history but also our concept of nature in order to reshape an inclusive mindset akin to a post-anthropocentric world.“

Thanks so much for including Antarctic Traces, Zoran Eric!

OVERVIEW EFFECTMuseum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, June 19th – September 20th 2021 Opening of the exhibition: Saturday, June 19th at 1 pm

project and curatorial direction: Blanca de la Torre and Zoran Erić, assistant curator: Dušan Savić, production: Dragana Jovović, design: Katarina Popović, Andrej Dolinka (project logo)