edge of doom

AT/CAN 2020, col & bw, 3 min
music: Sophie Trudeau, produced by: Michaela Grill, Sophie Trudeau, distribution: sixpackfilm

Grill and Trudeau focused on the raw emotion that arose during this time of confinement: worry, doom, hopelessness, despair. Taking silent film as their raw material, they built a powerful emotional vignette of a moment in time.

Review by Diana Fernández Irusta in La Nacion

…The rescue that the Austrian Michaela Grill and the Canadian Sophie Trudeau make of the expressiveness of silent films, to signal a cry that the present does not finish giving.

Jury statement from Mister Vorky Filmfestival:

Special mention is given to edge of doom by Michaela Grill and Sophie Trudeau. 
An effective montage analysis shows the faces of the women in the film – and when there’s drama, women exaggerate as if the world is on the edge of doom. In addition to insights into the ways of acting in silent cinema and to the fascination with human face, viewers still have to ask themselves: why did filmmakers tell women to exaggerate in dramatic scenes as if it were the end of the world? Feminism in a three-minute found-footage movie comes when you least expect it.

festival placements:
Vienna Shorts Film Festival/A, Short Film Festival Hamburg/GER, Mister Vorky Filmfestival/RS, Indielisboa/PT, MotelX International Horror Film Festival Lisbon/PT, Indie Cork/IRL

Austrian Filmmuseum /A, Austrian Filmarchiv/A, Künstlerhauskino Vienna/A, Vidéos de Femmes dans le Parc Montréal/CAN

Special Mention at Mister Vorky Filmfestival Ruma/RS