music: Burkhard Stangl, Christof Kurzmann

Early Schnee concerts were accompanied by a film specially created by Michaela Grill based on extracts from Kurzmann and Stangl’s four favourite films : Barbara Albert’s Nordrand (Northern Skirts), Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s In Einem Jahr Mit 13 Monden (In A Year Of 13 Moons), Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil (Sunless) and Jean-Luc Godard’s Passion (hence the titles of the four tracks on their 2000 debut Schnee on Erstwhile). (Dan Warburton, The Wire)

Hörgänge Vienna/A, Theater des Augenblicks Vienna/A, BKA Festival Vienna Berlin/GER, Steim Amsterdam/NL, Fundacio Juan Miro Barcelona/E, Galeria Stefania Miscetti Rom/I, Kosice/SL, Gallerie BizArt Shanghai/ China, The Loft Peking/China