My Restless Heart with Andreas Berger (music)

My Restless Heart tells of Fernweh (wanderlust), of the ‘presence of an absent one, of the yearning for the unknown, for the difference, which carries within it the hope of freedom. A projection which can never be fulfilled’.

It is a merging of melancholic photographs of different places, from which Michaela Grill has developed six films, which, projected on walls and ceilings of the cramped space, condense to form an abundance of impressions. This decision to pack ‘the whole world’ into barely 30 sq. feet and thus to explode the confines of the projection room is a perfect example of the poetry in Grill’s works. On the occasion of the annual cooperation with the Diagonale [Graz’s film festival], the artist conceived an audiovisual dream machine together with musician Andreas Berger, which will be on view in the Projektraum [Project Space] by Eric Kläring and Heimo Zobernig. (Kunsthaus Graz)

presentation history:
Kunsthaus Graz curator: Katia Huemer

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