Cocoonista is an multimedia installation by Tina Hochkogler (concept, 3D objects), Michaela Grill (concept, video) and Stefan Németh (music).

cocoonista nuit blanch brussels, tina hochkogler, michaela grill, stefan nemeth

Based on the concept of Renaissance as rebirth, we construct two places of transformation. The first location is a landscape of hanging cocoons which are inhabited by crystalline objects drawn with a 3D pen. The objects are sewn into a transparent structure of fabric and wire. These casings are suspended from the ceiling of Globe Aroma, positioned within the railed off area above the skylights from the floor beneath. The skylights will be covered with silver foil, the railing will be re-stringed with translucent projection material and the cocoons are dangling above it. A video depicting the pupated creatures’ dream-landscapes will be projected from above. The light emanating from the projection shines on the objects whose shadows will become visible on the cocoons as well as on the projection material underneath which will further on capture these dreams and reflects them onto the silver foil. The objects are only visible as partial silhouettes on the cocoons’ walls and only lay traces for a possible reading. The second location is above the second skylight and represents the emergence oft he individual. One large, drawn plastic object whose complexity and fragile meshwork of lines will be brought out by the projection and new structures and outlines will appear perpetually. Whilst being trapped in a cocoon the projected dreams are fictitious worlds. Once the creature is hatched, the projections are its reality and primary element. The light facilitates the object’s visibility in its singularity. The translucent projection foil of the second station is crumbled like stripped off skin that has been turned inside out. There are sporadic noises within the room which reference the biological processes of metamorphosis.

michaela grill surrounded by cocoonista installation
photo credit @Tina Hochkogler
cocoonista, tina hichkogler, michaela grill, stefan nemeth, nuit blanche brussels
cocoonista skizze, tina hochkogler, michaela grill, stefan nemeth

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Nuit Blanche Brussels