I’m so thrilled to finally be able to perform with Philip Jeck and Karl Lemieux again! Watch our show tomorrow Friday 4th at 7.30pm EST/ 1.30 am MEZ at Suoni Per Il Popolo – Jour 2 / Day 2.
It’s free and will be streaming on Facebook, Youtube and their website: https://suoniperilpopolo.org/…/2021-06-04-jeck-grill…
It will be available in their archives afterwards.
Thanks to the entire Suoni team for the invitation and all the hard work!
The focus of our collaboration is the exploration of analogue-digital image worlds. More details about us can be found here: https://migrill.klingt.org/jeck-grill-lemieux
I believe you can see/hear that we were burning to play life again.

And if you’ve missed it you can watch it here: https://suoniperilpopolo.org/horaire/2021-06-04-jeck-grill-lemieux