I just found out that the amazing „Film Unframed. A History of Austrian Avant-Garde Cinema (edited by Peter Tscherkassky) is still available via sixpackfilm /Index (it’s sold out pretty much everywhere). It’s such a great read about individual artists (and I’m not only saying this because Steve Bates wrote this great piece on my work) and the entire development of experimental film in Austria. If you ever wondered why such a tiny country has produced so many leading figures in avant-garde cinema, you might find some answers here. Highly recommended!


The book includes texts by Peter Tscherkassky, Adrian Martin, Stefan Grissemann, Norbert Pfaffenbichler, Hans Scheugl, Maureen Turim, Maya McKechneay, Bert Rebhandl, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Christa Blüminger, Livio Belloi, Steve Anker, Andréa Picard, Christoph Huber, Nicole Brenez, Steve Bates, Barbara Pichler