will be screened as part of this awesome program at fimav – festival international musique actuelle victoriaville


11 AM – $12

This program brings together experimental films from three countries: the Netherlands, Austria and the United States. Pushed to the limit of abstraction, these works travel between the organic materials of 16mm film to the glitched pixels of digital image. The program begins with #5 by JOOST REKVELD, a 16mm triple projection, followed by Deletion by ESTHER URLUS, two well-known European analog filmmakers. After the politicized video of TELCOSYSTEMS, a multimedia duo, we will enter the world of two great Austrian video artists, TINA FRANK and MICHAELA GRILL, both of whom presented performances at the Festival in 2004 and 2017 respectively. The program will end with Another Void, a visual and musical poem shot on Super 8mm (transferred on 16mm) by the late American filmmaker PAUL CLIPSON.


Der Wunsch nach Erkenntnis war eine Triebfeder für Muybridges (Tier)Bewegungsstudien und damit die Geburtsstunde der Chronofotographie als Vorläufer des Kinos. Tiere als Protagonisten blieben dem Film seit jeher auch in seinen experimentellen Erscheinungsformen erhalten: als fremdartige Wesen, als Studienobjekte und als Spiegel für des Menschen eigene Bestialität. Ein Programm der Begegnungen (Gerald Weber)

every body and Antarctic Traces are part of this great program! Thanks Geri

Feb 8th from 19 MEZ/ 1pm EST for 48 hrs on the sixpack VOD channel:

Ĺ kola austrijskog avangardnog filma

I’ll be giving an artist talk at The School of avant-garde film in Belgrade on Wednesday Jan 27th at 17 MEZ/11 EST. I will talk about how my work transformed from the beginning as part of the Austrian Abstract movement to producing nature essays. I will focus on key topics of my work like the relationship of moving image and sound, the boundaries of abstraction and representation, my art in the triangle of single channel work, installations and live-performance, the interrelationship of space-perceiver-performer and how all that started when a mosquito got trapped in my eye while biking and changed my ideas about perception forever.

Please feel free to join us at

Thanks for the invitation AFC DKSG Belgrade!