edge of doom

will be screened on August 31st at GIV’s Vidéos de Femmes dans le Parc:

—/—    Le Groupe intervention vidéo présente   —/—
Commissaires / Curators
Anne Golden + Annaëlle Winand + Verónica Sedano Alvarez

Du 2 au 6 septembre 2021
From September 2nd to 6th, 2021
Gratuit / Free

La programmation sera également présentée en boucle à travers la fenêtre de la galerie Produit rien, au 6909 rue Marconi, le 31 août de 19 h 30 à 21 h 30. / The programme will also be screened in a loop through the window of the gallery Produit rien, at 6909 Marconi Street, on August 31st from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM. 
 30 years ago, GIV staff initiated a screening project that became one of the longest running events celebrating independent media artworks created by women artists.* The explosion of outdoor screenings is now a staple of Montreal summers. Vidéos de femmes dans le parc (VFP) was one of the forerunners. VFP is a celebration of the communal aspect of gathering to watch media artworks. Initially a project to bring video art to spectators in a non-traditional venue, VFP has evolved into a much-anticipated summer highlight. We wish to thank the artists, distributors and spectators for joining us on this adventure. 
*Women is utilized here in its most inclusive definition.

FORÊT D’EXPÉRIMENTATION is part of Labocine’s „Spirit of the Forest“

Labocine’s August 2021 Issue Spirit of the Forest is out! 🌲🌳🌴

„The concept of the forests as a source of life cannot be isolated from the integrity of nature that corresponds to the integrity of the physical body and cultural personality of local and indigenous peoples. As a source of life, the forests need to be understood in accordance with the natural elements that support life, such as the earth, water, trees and wildlife, air, sun, sounds or language. Since ancient times, undisturbed patches of vegetation have been dedicated to folk spirits In this issue, we pay tribute to these very same spirits of the forests that have protected our bioreserves and have awoken at times abruptly to the the impending cries and human-induced pertubances.“ (Curated by Alexis Gambis)

Watch the 32 films now from the link: https://www.labocine.com/issues/spirits-of-the-forest

Sophie Trudeau / Michaela Grill live

Tomorrow we will be performing outdoors at OK LÀ. Free entry but seats are limited to 200. First come, first serve. It’s a very cool venue (parking garage above ground), so come on by!

more info:

Quelques informations utiles concernant votre grand voyage à Verdun pour OK LÀ ce weekend.🎥 La capacité sera limitée à 200 personnes par soir. Premier arrivé, premier servi. Les portes ouvrent à 19h00 donc ne tardez pas. Exceptionnellement cette année – dans le but d’offrir des conditions d’écoute optimales – nous aurons 200 chaises sur place. 🍎 Un bar se trouve sur place avec options alcoolisées et non-alcoolisées, mais aucune nourriture n’y sera offerte. Il vous est donc conseillé de manger avant ou d’apporter vos snacks sur place.☮️ Respecter les gens autour de vous, les artistes et le staff sur place. 🚴‍♀️ On vous incite à vous rendre au Stationnement Éthel en transport actif mais dans l’impossibilité, les transports en commun sont préférables. L’adresse est le 4000 rue Éthel, Verdun. Notez bien, la rue Wellington est piétonne donc prévoir en conséquence.⏰ HORAIRE6 août 202119h00 – Ouverture des portes19h00 – Salon Privé (dj)20h00 – Anna Arrobas20h45 – Last Ex21h30 – Michaela Grill + Sophie Trudeau

Film Unframed. A History of Austrian Avant-Garde Cinema

I just found out that the amazing „Film Unframed. A History of Austrian Avant-Garde Cinema (edited by Peter Tscherkassky) is still available via sixpackfilm /Index (it’s sold out pretty much everywhere). It’s such a great read about individual artists (and I’m not only saying this because Steve Bates wrote this great piece on my work) and the entire development of experimental film in Austria. If you ever wondered why such a tiny country has produced so many leading figures in avant-garde cinema, you might find some answers here. Highly recommended!


The book includes texts by Peter Tscherkassky, Adrian Martin, Stefan Grissemann, Norbert Pfaffenbichler, Hans Scheugl, Maureen Turim, Maya McKechneay, Bert Rebhandl, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Christa Blüminger, Livio Belloi, Steve Anker, Andréa Picard, Christoph Huber, Nicole Brenez, Steve Bates, Barbara Pichler