UPDATE: New screening date December 2nd!

UPDATE: Due to new lockdown restrictions this screening has to be canceled. Sorry!

Very honoured that cityscapes is part of this Viennale, Ă–sterreichisches Filmmuseum and sixpackfilm retrospective „Recycled Cinema“:

Wednesday 04.11.2020, 21:00, Austrian Filmmuseum

Shred, Scratch, Sync

blowfeld, Rainer Gamsjäger. AT, 2004 / LOSSLESS #5 & #3, Rebecca Baron, Doug Goodwin. US, 2008 / cityscapes, Michaela Grill & Martin Siewert. AT, 2007 / Twelve Tales Told, Johann Lurf. AT, 2014 / Freude, Thomas Draschan. AT, 2009 / She Puppet, Peggy Ahwesh. US, 2001 / A Movie by Jen Proctor, Jennifer Proctor, US, 2010–12 / Technology Transformation: Wonder Woman, Dara Birnbaum. US, 1978–79 / Kopierwerk, Stefanie Weberhofer. AT, 2020

The art of reclaiming and reworking found footage exploded into previously unimaginable dimensions with the invention of digital technology and its tools for image manipulation. „Shred, Scratch, Sync“ explores the consequences of this new vocabulary of special effects: channel combiner, curves, fill, exposure, linear wipe, noise, triton, set matte, venetian blinds, limiter effect, minimax, fractal noise, digital glitch, chromatic aberration, blur, de-noise, glow, sharpen, convert, plane to sphere, rotate, motion blur, bicubic sampling, transform, directional blur, drop shadow, fast box blur, gradient ramp, offset, find edges, mosaic, tint, invert, gaussian blur, 3D channel extract, depth matte, ID matte, EXtractoR, IDentifier, bilateral blur, reduce interlace flicker, compound blur, directional blur, smart blur, blend, compound arithmetic, remove color matting, shift channels, broadcast colors, change to color, color stabilizer, equalize, PS arbitrary map, vibrance, kernel, fit to comp width/height, scale, reduce noise, alpha, Bezier warp, bulge, corner pin, displacement map, liquefy, magnify, mesh warp, mirror, optics compensation, polar coordinates, reshape, ripple, smear, spherize, transform, turbulent displace, twirl, warp, bend, blobbylize, flo motion, griddler, ripple pulse, slant, smear, split, tiler, angle control, 4-color gradient, beam, cell pattern, checkboard, eyedropper, paint bucket, radio waves, ramp, scribble, stroke, vegas, write-on, glue-gun, light sweep, luma key, advanced spill suppressor, keylight, matte choker, roto brush, mocha shape, add grain, bevel alpha, color emboss, posterize, texturize, threshold, block load, burn, burn, burn… (Jurij Meden)

Antarctic Traces

is part of overview effect. at the Museum of Contemproary Art in Belgrade, October 2nd, 2020 – September 20th, 2021
project and curatorial direction: Blanca de la Torre and Zoran Erić

The term Overview Effect was coined by Frank White in 1987 to describe the cognitive shift reported by a number of astronauts on having looked back from Space at their home planet Earth. The question is, do we need such a distant point of view of the planet we occupy, as a “crew of the Spaceship Earth” to use Buckminster Fuller’s metaphor, to realize that this “spaceship” is slowly running out of “fuel” and that the crew is in need of “oxygen”?
This project seeks to address the issue of the environmental justice that can only be approached through an analysis of the inseparable links between climate change and other forms of injustice related to gender, race, corporate imperialism, indigenous sovereignty, and the importance of decolonising and de-anthropocentrizing the planet in order to reshape an inclusive mindset akin to a multispecies world.